Exfoliation (Body Scrub)

Body Scrub

Our body scrub service is an exfoliation service that originated in Korea. This exfoliation treatment sterilizes and removes unwanted, dead, flaky skin. Exfoliation leaves you feeling relaxed and revitalized with clean, smooth skin. It is Riviera Health Spa’s most popular service and you will leave wanting to share your experience with all of your friends.
If you are concerned about your skin becoming dehydrated or not looking as vital as you would like, an exfoliation treatment may be the ticket to a fresher, younger look.
Stress, alcohol, fatigue, sun exposure, poor diet, pollution and exposure to wind, can cause your skin to dry out. In other cases, dry facial skin is a byproduct of the natural aging process.
An exfoliation treatment can help repair damaged skin, moisturize and protect your skin for the future. Body scrub service is from neck to toe. Many people report that they not only look better after an exfoliation treatment, but also feel refreshed, energized and more confident.

See how body scrub  makes a difference. Experience it now!

Body Treatments

(Facility fee is included)
Please arrive 15 minutes before any massage or 30-45 minutes before any body scrub treatment.
In order to achieve the best exfoliation for your scrub, you must soak or steam for at least 25 minutes prior to your appointment time. 
Arriving late will shorten the time for your treatment, thus lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure.
Your Treatment will need to end on time so that the next guest will not be delayed. 
The full cost of your treatment will be applied.

1 hour and 10 minutes


1 hour and 30 minutes